Learning Objectives

Person-Centered Thinking (Part 1)

PCT skills help us get to know people, discover how to respectfully support them, and keep learning as we act on what we hear. They are effective to use with all people and are especially helpful for individuals and teams who are working to:

  • determine the best supports and services
  • sort through issues at work or at home
  • develop plans for students or others facing major transitions
  • plan for the future with a partner
  • support families through a variety of life transitions

The two-day interactive training will focus on:

  • Learning to balance what is important TO a person and what is important FOR a person
  • Practicing PCT Discovery Skills that help us better understand a good balance for the person and how to best support them
  • Introducing PCT Everyday Learning Skills to capture ongoing learning and support the person to create a life they envision

Picture of a Life, Person-Centered Plan Facilitation Training (Part 2:)

Two days of learning and applying person-centered planning tools that are focused on helping people move:

  • Completion of 2-day Person-Centered Thinking is required
  • Learn to create a picture that contains all of the components that define a person’s desired life
  • Apply multiple methods to capture what a person really wants in life
  • Increase the creativity of teams and facilitate a more satisfying and effective planning process
  • Organize information to impact the design, selection, and evaluation of support services
  • How to implement all of this within our system requirements!

Please direct questions to the trainer for the session about which you are inquiring?
For general questions, or for more information, contact: Email: personcentered@umn.edu